About us

Our story.

I am an entrepreneurial Gen Xer with a creative spirit. Our goal is to help you capture life's big (and little) moments with personalized clothing, drink ware, vinyl decals, diy iron on designs, flip flops and more. Our specialty is personalized Bridesmaids gifts. Personalization is hand crafted in Georgia. We love seeing how you use your items in the wild, so please share on:





Turnaround time prior to shipping varies by item:

Vinyl Decals: 3-5 days

DIY Iron on Designs: 3-5 days

Bridesmaid Drinkware: 1-2 weeks

Bridesmaid Flannels: 1-2 weeks

Bridesmaid Flip flops: 1-2 weeks

Please contact us at lettermixstudio@outlook.com or send us a message on our Facebook page or Instagram